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A new light age.
It's that simple.

Not only do we create a lightweight and very thin illuminator, we also develop a new engraving technology that highlights colors and distributes light uniformly. We also manufacture a new LED strip with intelligent control and, if that's not enough, it has been developed to comply with all current lighting regulations. Introducing Dotpanel®. The most efficient illuminator.


Multiple solutions.
One single product.

Our customers love to be able to do wonders with our products. That's why we wanted to go one step further and offer even more versatility when creating Dotpanel ®. In addition, as we manufacture it to measure, we can adapt it to each project. Now commercial furniture designers, interior designers, architects and many other professionals will be able to take lighting to the next level in their work.


Each millimeter

One of the reasons Dotpanel® is so lightweight is that it is made from a 4mm polymer. Filling so little space allows you to make more attractive designs, leaving a lot of space to exhibit products and without disturbing in places of passage. Also with D.O.T. technology you can have a completely uniform surface with 1mm thick opal. Unbelievable.

5,8 mm



Opal diffuser

Dotpanel lightness Dotpanel lightness Opal


Higher efficiency.
Less power consumption.

With a minimum power consumption, Dotpanel® will illuminate with the same power from the first day to the last. We have not only achieved this by developing our new D.O.T. engraving technology, but also by creating our own intelligent power-controlled LED strip, in just 4mm!

Dotpanel D.O.T. engrave



Our team has developed the D.O.T. engraving machinery and technology to manufacture Dotpanel®, allowing us to offer exceptional light emission and light uniformity in all available sizes. It also works great with our LED strip for maximum illumination, consuming the least amount of electricity.

Dotpanel profile Dotpanel LED strip Dotpanel D.O.T. engrave Dotpanel vinil
Dotpanel LED strip

LED strip

4mm power

The power controller of our LED strip and its low voltage bin are some of the best kept secrets of Dotpanel®. Its technology allows perfect electrical distribution and unmatched efficiency. Not forgetting that it uses the most advanced and efficient LED in the market and its electric tracks are manufactured with a silver and gold treatment to improve electrical flow and reduce voltage drop. Never seen it before.


High contrast.
Precise colours.

As a referent in the LED backlighting sector we wanted to test ourselves developing Dotpanel®. This allowed us to create the D. O. T. engraving machinery and technology. which gives the back-lighted images greater contrast and brighter colors, with a illumination of more than 850 cd/m2. If you consider the uniform light distribution over the entire surface, you'll think it's natural lighting.


More hours of light,
less electromagnetic emissions.

Dotpanel® is developed to comply with all current lighting regulations so that you can install it anywhere in the world. Add to this the fact that it offers more than 5 years of illumination at maximum power, we have the ideal illuminator for almost all projects.

Technical features


Height (max.): 2.200mm
Width (max.): 1.200mm
Depth: 5,8mm (4mm PMMA)


4,8 kg/m2


Five year light warranty. If you need help you can contact the Actilum support team from Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 18.00H.


ISO 9001

Power input

Cable / Jack / Easy Connector
24V DC (50/60 Hz), 1 A/W

Power consumption

19.2 W/m (1 light side)
38.4 W/m (2 light sides)

Operating temperature

From 0 to 40ºC (from 32º to 104ºF)


850 nit (cd/m2)
>90 % CRI
White 3.000 / 4.000 / 5.000 / 6.000K


TM80 >36.000 Hours

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